Conceptual / Experimental

by Dr. Colossus



Conceptual and experimental works. Click on the song names to see the accompanying artwork

1) 64.128.64:
A reworking of John Cage's 4'33. These are the sounds my studio makes when no sound is produced, amplified. It is called 64.128.64 because the traditional structure of a electronic dance music piece is 64 bar drop, 128 bars, 64 bar second drop. I recorded it in 3 movements like the original composition. The piece is played at 180 bpm, the tempo I instinctively start work on tracks at.

A alternate version of this piece is to be played live in a club or at a rave. The performer opens their laptop at the start of each movement and closes it at the end of the movement. The crowd and output of the sound system are recorded. I have never preformed this version due to fears of getting the crap beaten out of me.

2) The Unknown Masterpiece:
I felt like fucking up a perfectly good tune.

The plan was to overwork it so much it is unlistenable to.

Somewhere underneath the many layers of paint their is a beautiful tune now lost forever.

This piece is inspired by the Balzac's short story The Unknown Masterpiece.

3) Slow Jam (Clown In A Meatgrinder).

This track is sort of a joke in response to breakcore / gabba super dark grim out tunes and conceptual noise bollocks (like the above)


released January 1, 2002



all rights reserved


Dr. Colossus London

Dr. Colossus. Punk Jungle. Used to be hardcore but then he joined Myspace and started drinking Baileys

A multi-genre Bass DJ / Producer, with a fetish for the ragga sound, Dr. Colossus started by planting his seed deep in Punk around 2000. Then over the years, feeding it a steady diet of UK hip-hop, drum n bass, nu-school jungle, and breakcore, it grew into a glitched out bass driven beast.
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